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Latest Trends in Hotel Interiors

Smart Solutions for Enhanced Guest Experiences

The modern hotel must change with the times and find creative ways to do so. From rethinking how guestrooms should be arranged to offering personalized experiences, here are five of the latest trends in hotel interiors to keep in mind.

Converting Lobbies into Multy-Use Spaces

Many hotels have focused on creating a great first impression for guests. The entrance lobby is one of the most important parts of that first impression and is becoming a more significant part of hotel interiors. Lobbies are where most of the social encounters in a hotel take place, and so hotel lobbies should be able to manage casual and formal talks, connecting different devices, using laptop,s and more.

The singular space with a table and sofa isn’t enough anymore. Hotel owners should carefully and creatively set aside space as needed to create intimate social zones complete with comfortable and functional furniture. Some of the more extravagant features of the modern lobby include indoor waterfalls, multimedia stations, and large chandeliers.

Rethinking Guestroom Configuration

The standard hotel room of a bed, table, and locker is no longer enough to make guests feel welcome and invited. The modern guest expects to see some surprise and feel far from home. This is likely why each interior in the hospitality sector is different from the last.

Create office spaces for business travelers, include extra sofas and TV panels, to create a stylish room for the modern guest. Experiment with color and décor by combining colors to create unique and exciting spaces. The more personal and exciting you make the room, the better. People want to stay somewhere new and special, so give them that.

Spa-Like Bathrooms

The modern hotel bathroom is no longer an auxiliary space that doesn’t need any work. Modern tourists like to get more out of a hotel stay than they would at home. Resort bathrooms with spa-like features give guests a place to relax. The promise of luxury is also enough to encourage more people to come and stay at your hotel. Think about creating an en-suite bathroom with oversized bathtubs, beauty items, waterfall showers, and plenty of room.

Turn Restaurants into Destinations

There’s more to the latest trends in hotel interiors than just the rooms. Hotel restaurants are also getting a once-over. These restaurants are no longer judged solely on their practicality. Don’t forget that cooking is an art form and so the restaurant should be considered an “exhibition space” where the artistry flows.

More hotels are turning their restaurants into something more memorable with unique designs. We recommend giving your hotel restaurant a theme. Using a theme gives you a focus for your creativity. Push your creative muscles to the limit and create a restaurant that is as much of a destination as the hotel itself.

Blurring the Boundaries Between Indoors and Outdoors

You should look to create a sensory experience of guests. The principle of sensory experiences has been integrated into the services offered by modern hotels, which aim to keep the indoor-outdoor transition ethereal.

You should expand your hotel room by adding a deck and terrace to take the hotel room outside, and also bring the outdoors indoors with plants and natural materials. Use wood panels and stone decorations to ease the tension of guests and blur the boundaries between the indoors and outdoors.

These are just some of the latest trends in hotel interiors. The key is to find new and creative ways to make the most out of the space you have and create rooms where guests really feel at ease.

Miglena Miroslavova
Miglena Miroslavova
Hi There, I'm Miglena Miroslavova, a passionate writer and home decor enthusiast. My love for transforming spaces began in London UK, where the unique blend of traditional and modern aesthetics sparked my fascination with interior design.

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